Trainer: Avi Goldstein

The Creative Negotiation Skills course will introduce EPAC Master’s students to a systematic approach to problem-solving negotiation based on methodology developed at the Harvard negotiation Project. Through an experiential process revolving around role plays, exercises and case studies – paired with active debriefs and discussions – the course will build participants’ understanding of key negotiation dynamics, foster awareness of their own habits and assumptions, and strengthen their negotiation skills and confidence for future careers in communications and public affairs. The course will be conducted in-person or virtually depending on public health regulations.

Course Outline
Session 1: Rules of the Game – Assumptions and Choices (2 hours)
Through interactive exercises and a high-stakes role play, participants will explore key choices in negotiation and identify how our assumptions influence our results.

Session 2: Seven Elements Framework for Creative Negotiation (2 hours)
Participants learn how to methodically prepare for a negotiation using the seven elements framework developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project. Students will work in groups to practice team-based preparation and then conduct negotiations in pairs.

Session 3: Tools for Principled Influence & Leadership (2 hours)
We will take a deeper look at applying communication tools for understanding and navigating different points of view and for engaging in principled and productive persuasion, influence, and joint problem-solving.

Session 4: Navigating Multi-Party Negotiations (3 hours)
The course will culminate in an intensive simulation where participants apply negotiation and communication tools and skills from previous sessions in a multi-party negotiation between various public and private sector actors with different concerns and priorities.