There is no requirement for applicants to have done any specific ‘field of study’ in order to take this course, which includes ‘European public affairs’ and ‘communication techniques’. You can enrol on the Executive Master in European Public Affairs and Communication via a master’s degree, for example, in law or political science, or via a master’s in journalism, public relations, communication science, humanities and social sciences, and so on.


The level of English must be at least B1 (intermediate). In order to more easily integrate French-language speakers, the course’s final thesis can be written in English or French.


This is a summary of the documents to be sent with the application form, for the attention of Aurélie Detavernier:

Personal details form mentioning family name, first name, nationality, place of residence, address, telephone (fixed and/or mobile), and email.

Detailed covering letter.

Detailed curriculum vitae.

Photocopy of identity card and/or passport.

Full description of academic career.

Copy of the diploma(s) with an indication of the grade achieved. If the student can prove they have a Bachelor’s degree as well as professional experience linked to Europe and/or the communication professions, please send a detailed note about this experience together with any documents proving this experience.

Any other document that may be required at a later date by the IHECS authorities.


Application form, to be sent to Laura Leprêtre, Programme Coordinator ( and Rachel van de Walle ( Pedagological Assistant of the Executive Master