The European Union plays an increasingly important role in all our lives.

Brussels, the capital of the European Union, is home to the EU’s official institutions as well as many lobby groups, communication firms, research firms and agencies – which all feed into European decision-making. All of these institutions and companies need top-quality public affairs and communication professionals.

To meet this need, the Institute for Higher Social Communication Studies (IHECS) offers a specialised Master’s in European Public Affairs and Communication.

This degree offers a unique learning course: a practical framework on the functioning of the EU institutions and decision-making together with practitioner-led modules on strategic communication and public affairs.

This Master’s focus is on making practical use of the best public affairs and communication strategies to develop the right professional skills. By bringing together the academic and professional worlds, the course provides a platform for debate, action and innovation. In addition, it fosters new ideas on how to develop communication within the EU.

The course is delivered in English. It’s based on a series of projects and partnerships with the European institutions plus respected communication and public affairs agencies and practitioners. Graduates of the Executive Master in European Public Affairs and Communication will significantly enhance their ability to access a broad range of European careers.

The Executive Master course also benefits from its high-quality teaching faculty, who are from the EU institutions as well as top-tier communication and public affairs agencies in Brussels. All their knowledge and expertise, together with their networks, will be of tremendous benefit to students eager to embark on a career in European affairs.

If you want to help shape the European project and its challenges, this IHECS course is a great place to start.

Laura Leprêtre, Programme Coordinator