Trainer: Antoine Rivet

Course n°1 (1h) Introduction

Why communication campaigns in the EC? What is the state of play in the EC regarding comms.

Course n°2 (2h) Organisation of a communication agency

What makes agency work so specific and what is the role of agencies in EU Communication. The requirements of DG COMM’s new organisation.

Course n°3 (2h) Organisation of a campaign (1/2)

Looking at the requirements of campaigns in the context of EU communication, this course will aim at giving students an understanding of the organisation needed to tackle campaigns in EU Communication.

What will make a successful campaign, introducing the logical framework to structure the campaign objectives and activities

Course n°4 (2h) Organisation of a campaign (2/2)

Practical exercise on campaign organisation.

Course n°5 (2h) Setting up a campaign (1/2)

A successful campaign is primarily relying on well-coordinated HR. This course will look at the central role of a campaign manager, and in particular in understanding resource allocation – A campaign has specific needs that have to be fulfilled using the agency’s resources.

Structuring the budget and following spending.

Course n°6 (2h) Setting up a campaign (1/2)

Practical exercise on setting up a campaign.

Course n°7 (2h) Importance of monitoring & Evaluation (1/2)

The logic of M&E in communication

Course n°8 (2h) Importance of monitoring & Evaluation (2/2)

Practical exercise on M&E.