Trainer: Olivier Schotte


A digital native, Olivier has been studying Political Science for five years at ULB before spending a fruitful year at IHECS Academy. He’s now working as Social Media Coordinator for the Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament. His daily routine? Creating social media content, making it attractive and spreading it on all channels and to the right audience!


The world is increasingly digital: technology has changed our habits, redefined our relationships and reshaped the way we form our opinions. Social media platforms have undeniably been a huge catalyst of these transformations, for the good and sometimes the worse. It is a fact: social media have led to a massive change in political and communication strategies, also at the European level. Do European institutions, political parties and civil society adapt and embrace such change? How can they use these channels to advocate in favour of the European project?

Content and objectives: 

  • What are the different social media channels? Where should I share my message? How to embrace the codes and dynamics of each platform?  
  • How to brand a politician, an organisation, a project? How to set up an impactful campaign? How to asses the success of your campaign? 
  • How do European institutions, parties and actors use social media?Are their strategies successful? How to adapt to many different countries, cultures and languages?
  • Which change(s) can we expect in the regulatory environment in the coming years and how will these influence media strategies?