Trainer: Paul Culley

This is a practical course on tracking and analysing the progress of a Commission proposal through the “ordinary legislative procedure” (codecision). We work in real time, with “live” proposals. Each student will follow her/his own proposal. The tutor will provide a short list of proposals to choose from at the start of the course.

Students will be tutored on the codecision process and will be guided to master the technical substance of the proposal. There will be emphasis on three skills – research, political analysis and drafting.

Research will cover both official sources (EU institutions) and unofficial sources (specialist journalism and stakeholder and civil society documents), using both traditional and social media.

Students will be tutored to draft short Factsheets and Briefing Notes of the kind used by EU institutions, professional & trade organisations and public affairs offices.

There will be about five workshops (each 2-3 hours) spread over 4-5 months.

There is no test at the end. The tutor will give individual feedback, in writing, to each student on their written work over the course.